Orange-alious colours for spring!!


I think Smashbox totally hit the mark on the head when they said orange was in for this season. Now personally, orange has been a colour that I have traditionally stayed away from. I worried that it would be too bright against my dark complexion. But as of late, I’ve been learning that there is a shade of this sweet fruit for everyone!

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Birthday Gifts


So here I am, a week later after turning 23, and you know what? I really don’t feel all that different =p I’m guessing that a good thing– so long as I don’t feel older! On Friday, I had my bday dinner && party and collected some wonderful gifts that I thought I’d share with you wonderful people =]

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OOTD#6 Happy Birthday Girl

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So the countdown is over and I’m officially 23 years old!! I remember when I was 20 I dreaded turning 21 because I thought there would be nothing to look forwards too after it. But now life is great and full of promise and I cant wait to see whats in store!

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