Orange-alious colours for spring!!


I think Smashbox totally hit the mark on the head when they said orange was in for this season. Now personally, orange has been a colour that I have traditionally stayed away from. I worried that it would be too bright against my dark complexion. But as of late, I’ve been learning that there is a shade of this sweet fruit for everyone!

The thing that I’m loving most about this colour is how versatile it can be. A pop of orange against a solid neutral gives off a certain air of new-aged classiness, while wearing it in other ways can show off your flirty side (GREAT for us shy folks), your ferocity or your own funky personally when it comes to beauty and fashion.

Now, I think this colour terrified me most make up wise. At a local fair years ago, L’oreal came out and did free makeovers and long story short, they made me feel like a clown with how they packed the colours on my skin =\

But over the years I have found some shades that I do enjoy wearing. In my experience, when it comes to orange, darker shades for darker skin and lighter shades for lighter skin if you’re not going for some couture look.

Earlier today, I whipped out my 120 palette and messed around with a few colours. Here’s what I came up with:


I used a matte and shimmer 120 platte from BB cosmetics and Wet n Wild black liner and mascara


On the lips, I used Wet n Wild Purty Persimmon lip stain and Clinque Think Bronze lipstick

As for orange in the wardrobe, I decided that I couldn’t go wrong with a sheer orange blouse speckled with gold. This combo is so eye catching by itself and paired with a dark printed high-low, well, it just becomes more fun =]




So anyways, This is how I chose to rock orange this season. Will you be wearing it? Or do you prefer another colour?



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