Birthday Gifts


So here I am, a week later after turning 23, and you know what? I really don’t feel all that different =p I’m guessing that a good thing– so long as I don’t feel older! On Friday, I had my bday dinner && party and collected some wonderful gifts that I thought I’d share with you wonderful people =]


So this little animal print charge came from my little bro ❤ It hold enough charge to take an iPhone to 0-100% and fits in my small Coach bag, so I can take it almost anywhere I go (which is awesome because I’m always on my phone haha!).


I got this $20 card from one of my good friends Brit. Let’s just say I put it to good use already =]


This Smashbox lip stain that I got from I got from my lovely friend Steph is something that I’ll be sure to do a review on in the upcoming days. I’m inlove with it and I’m going to buy more colours now, I’m sure!


Then from my parents I received a beautiful pair of diamond earrings with little hearts dropping down from the hoops.

DSC_1054My awesome friend Blake surprised me with this awesome Juicy wallet! this thing is like a mini purse and even has a cut out for my iPhone. I don’t need to ever use a purse ever again (Just kidding though) !


And if I had to make a choice of my favorite gift, it would have to be this ‘Remember, you’re taken’ ring from my bf ❤ How freakn cute is that??


Along with these beautiful gifts that I got from friends and fam, I also picked up my free gift from Sephora. This year it is an awesome mascara /higlighter duo for benifits.

I was so excited because I’ve been meaning to try these two things out for a bit now!

If you’re not a beauty insider with Sephora, sign up today to get a free gift on your birthday!


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