OOTD#6 Happy Birthday Girl

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So the countdown is over and I’m officially 23 years old!! I remember when I was 20 I dreaded turning 21 because I thought there would be nothing to look forwards too after it. But now life is great and full of promise and I cant wait to see whats in store!

Look #6– Happy Birthday Girl

Leopard print top–Annabelle’s @ Nordstrom

Foral leopard print high-low skirt–Forever21

Faux shake skin shoes–Makowsky

Elephant key necklace–H&M

This look was clearly inspired by my love for animals (I have 8 pets what do you expect?). Now I know some fashion big wigs have rule animal print out this year, but I’ve never really been one to follow trends and I wear what I think is fun. Sometimes you miss your target, but judging by all the compliments I got today, I’m thinking that this one is a hit!

The high-low skirt is something of an obsession of mine, I own like six =p But I fell instantly in-love with this floral leopard print high low from Forever21. The cascasding clusters of roses and daisies is what makes this wearable with the plain leopard top I picked out.

Anyways, the rest for my birthday and the start to my birthday week went great! I finally got sushi, finalized all my party reservations, had a nice long talk with the boyfriend and donated blood! I was going for platelets but sadly my iron wasn’t hight enough for that =/ Next time though.

Oh, and did I mention that the weather is still phenomenal here in Washington? We’re the hottest state in all of America right now! Tomorrow I’m headed to the beach to take advantage of the sun while its still here!

Are you a spring baby? Or is your special day yet to come (or has it past?)? Let me know in the comments below! ( and dont forget to leave your link! =)

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