DIY Orchid Headband


With the successful passing of Coachella and a string of good weather in most places, festival season is finally here!! Get ready for it by making this fab head piece!

There aren’t many supplies that you’ll need to do this at all. Just some artificial flowers ( I got 3 steams for a dollar at a craft store) a head band ( I chose to use a metal on, but an elastic one is also fine 🙂 and a hot glue gun.


Warm up your glue gun and separate your flowers from the steam. I used 11 flower heads for mine, but you just want to make sure that it looks full. Now, taking your headband, add a drop of glue about an inch from the end (this is so the flowers won’t rub up against your ears when you’re wearing the piece).


Place your first flower down. I found it easiest to glue down a back petal to keep it in place.


Let it dry for a few seconds to a minute and then your next flower about 1/8th of an inch away. Just keep repeating this until you only have an inch left and then you’re done! Super easy and super fun!

For extra fun, you can even add leaves and pearls!


Happy festival season everyone!!!

Are you going to any fun event this year? Tell me about it below =]







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