Obey the Stars

Perfect Hippie


Those who know me can tell you that I’m anything but vanilla, and I think this outfit speaks to that!!


I paired my old mens OBEY shirt (Which now hangs to my knees after loosing 50 pounds!) with these exciting celestial leggings I got from eBay. I had originally planed to wear some boots with this outfit, but decided that these wedges from Forever21 would be much more fun to play with today (though not a great idea for an over grown back yard =/)


So since the shirt is now way too big for me, I rolled the back up and pinned it inside up to the base of my rib cage and pinned it again in the back at the shoulders, giving me a more edgy look to work with.


I think one of the reasons why I love this shirt so much is because of it’s mincing eye with the writing “Never trust your own eyes believe what you are told” above it” Something about that is just so awesome to me!


Now these leggings are something I picked up after a major Star Trek TNG benign (Yes, I love that show!!) Leggings are something I’ve been getting into ever since I started getting more into my yoga practice and by gods these are so comfy! Anyways, I love the idea of entirety and vastness and the beauty of stars and other celestial thing…And at $10 the price wasn’t bad either ;p.


So anyways, that’s the outfit I’m rockin’ today. Leave a comment below and I’ll check out your blog and plug you in my next post!




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