Casual Lace


Lace is such an elegant and sensual material and I don’t think I know a girl (or guy for that matter) who doesn’t appreciate the intricate translucent fabric draped over skin.

But as always, once a fabric because popular, you find it EVERYWHERE . And all these choices can lead you astray…


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out and seen people dressed like this poor woman! It’s kind of disturbing…

If you’re going for a more casual lace look, my advise is:the less skin the better!

Now I know we wear it to feel sexy and all but that doesn’t mean we need to show our boobies and who-ha’s

If you wanna go for a prefect lacy look that’s good in both winter and spring, I’d pick a lace dress like this one from H&M

The lace exposes my back and arms but covers all the good bits. And it’s not too long or too short either. Pair it with a jean jacket and some cowboy boots and this look can easily be rocked for just about any casual occasion!

How do you wear lace causally? Comment below and I’ll tag your blog in the next post πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Casual Lace

    • Yes!!! I saw the purple top that you wore and its beautiful! I’m not a huge fan of purple but that is definitely a top that I could see myself in. A great example of lace worn right! =]

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